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The "Friends" have continued to increase their membership and outreach into the local community. We have members with links to Leybourne from across the world and around the UK, including New Zealand and Canada, not to mention Wales! Thanks must go to the organizers and hosts for the events and the Friends for supporting us.

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Fundraising events and donations to the FLC has resulted in a total of £9,700 being raised for further Church improvements in 2017.

We held a wide range of events during 2017, appealing to differing audiences. These have included our programme of interesting Fireside Talks during the months of January – March, "Cocktails in the Church", the open-air Michael Jackson tribute concert at the Castle grounds in July, relaxing “Pimms in the Orchard” in August, and our ever-popular Christmas events – “Sparkle at the Castle” and the black tie dinner in December.

During the year we also had a visit from representatives of Libourne in France. A joint lunch and supper was hosted at the Castle, jointly with the Parish Council, with a view to strengthening links between the two locations.

A visit to the Church and Castle also took place during the year by representatives of the Leybourne family from the US. They generously presented a cheque for $1000 which has been used to purchase projection equipment.

One key feature of many of the above is the availability of the Castle to host them, for which we offer our massive grateful thanks to Val and Alan for their generosity.

The Gardening Club “off-shoot” of the FLC has continued to thrive, with more members joining in during 2017. The members have visited the popular Maidment gardens and met to discuss gardening tips and ideas throughout the year.

Events in 2018

As always, thanks must go to the hardworking Fundraising committee members, all of whom have participated in and organised this programme, providing venues, donating time, goods and money for prizes to raise the much-needed funds for Church improvements.

Future events for 2018 – again, fireside talks in January and March, the “Gin and It” evening in May and Pimms in the Orchard (August) are on the agenda. “Sparkle” will go ahead as usual in December but we are trying out a quiz and supper instead of the more-traditional Christmas dinner evening.

Interested in joining or need to contact friends? You can get in touch via the contact page.